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Submitted on
January 2, 2013


4 (who?)

PPG Cosplay Contest Results!!

Wed Jan 2, 2013, 8:40 AM

1st place
.:CE:. Blossom as Flame Princess by ITBluebeadTI by :iconitbluebeadti: ALL the judges picked you entry for first place! It was very well deserved, here's there thoughts ^^
:iconippg: "The artist has not only managed to pick two characters which fit very well together, but has also managed to create a beautiful piece of art through technique and color. They're obviously experimenting some and that's only a plus as it creates something different, in this case I am referring to the flames. The folds on her dress are magnificent, you really get an idea of the amount of cloth she is wearing and how it would move if she were animated. Other small details which make this image even better is the different colored lineart, the sparks, the darkened background to contract the bright glow of her flames and the shading of her eyes. ITBluebeadTI deserves first place because she knows how to draw better than decent and clearly has put some thought into her entry."
:iconjksketchy: "~ The colors and flames are just wonderful! I love the shine of her eyes, and the charded flowers beneath her are a great touch. I just can't stop looking at it. The shadows from behind really brighten her flames and the flow of her dress... I just love it all! "
:iconmaiskittlez: "I thought this deserves first because there are many details, and it looks good overall. It has nice highlights and shading, and the "background" was nice and went well with it. :3"
:iconsyico: "When I saw you submit this I was BLOWN away good thing I urged you to join lol   Colors ares just so neat and clean I could scream, and the Idea <333 Being both a AT and PPG fan I was squealing <3 a well deserved first place~!!"

Your prize is by me!! Send me a note or comment what you would like for me to draw for you~~!!!

2nd place
This was a 3 outta 4 vote ^^ yet all judges picked you for a place none the less~
PPGCC- Kyoko Blossom by Eleanorose123 by :iconeleanorose123: CONGRATS~!!
:iconjksketchy: "~ Nice detail on the clothing and the soft shading is a nice touch as well. The background also compliments the picture nicely and the colored lineart really brings it together "
:iconmaiskittlez: "I thought this should be second because the overall idea is nice, I like the dress, and the details were rather nice c:"
:iconippg: In this entry I found myself admiring all of the detail the artist managed to include in their work. On a small(ish) body powerpuff it can be very difficult to include these things, and sometimes they make no difference. Here they clearly do make a difference between winning entry and honorable mention. Even with all the detail the artwork is also shaded and has well chosen features, such as the expression, pose and more. Good job.
:iconsyico: "I personally have NO IDEA where this cos play si from xD but none the less is works GREAT, The detaisl on her outfit are really good <3 I like how theres a huge red glowly feeling coming from it even though you didn't put in some sort of glow effect, Its really gorgeous ~~ Well deserved 2nd place!"

Your prize is by :iconippg: Send her a note about the prize ^^

3rd place
^^; third place was very difficult to pick! I was about to make third place a tie.
All judges did however pick you for a placing so your getting four reviews
CE- Totally a Powerpuff Spy by TARETE by :icontarete:
Critiques for :icontarete: All judges picked you for a place none the less so your getting 4!
:iconmaiskittlez: "This should be the 1st honorable mention because it's creative, and Totally Spies isn't all that popular anymore; the coloring is nice, but it's a bit too plain. If they added one of the gadgets or something, it might have made it."
:iconjksketchy: "I really loved the shading on this one as well as the colored lineart and it was a tough pick between this and 3rd Place, but what did it for me was the lack of a background of any kinda. I love see-through backgrounds personally, but I appreciate some sort of background effect or shadow or something. And while my choice for 3rd place also lacks a background I just felt the lineart was really well done since working with the Photoshop pen tool can be quite difficult at times "
:iconippg: "When I first saw the thumbnail to this one, I thought "oh, this will be a plain one" and it was more than a pleasant surprise when I opened it up and I got this shock of how well shaded it was. The part I find the powerpuff community most lacking in is creative use of color, experimenting with cold shadows, warm shadows, etcetera; ILUVBUTTERCUP has managed to bring it back. Aside from the colors, it is also two well matching characters, lovely use of expression and a fairly non-static pose. "
:iconsyico: " ^^ I love totally spies~!! I always thought buttercup kind of looked like alex c: So This really worked for me, very well done <3"

Your prize is by :iconjerimin19: Please contact her~!!

1st honorable mention :bigthumb339426453: by :iconifugawa14: ^^; you were very close to being tie with third <3 good job ^^
Critiques for :iconifugawa14: again all judges picked you for a place o.o so your getting four response
:iconmaiskittlez: "This should be 2nd honorable mention because it looks like someone from the actual show drew it, but it's just a little too plain for my taste. It has no shading, or highlights, and it's just made up of basic colors." (they picked you for the second honorable mention ^^; sorry hun))
:iconjksketchy: "They really did a nice job with the lineart here. Some shading might've been nice, but I thought they really captured Bubbles' likeness; the proportions of the face are perfect, though the head does seem a little far to the right... "
:iconippg: "Gets an honorable mention because they have produced very clean work without a static pose and with some eye appealing colors. They have not shaded however, and stuck to a very simple style, therefor it's not a winning entry in my eyes, but it's a good one, I'll tell you that."
:iconsyico: "Very cute~ Bubbles does kinda fit the role of sailor moon ^^; but then again I've only seen like 3 episodes of sailor moon so I can't say much. The picture is nice overall but I wish you would have shaded or something It makes it look really plain o.o"

You don't win anything, but We all loved your entry very much <33

2nd honorable mention: .. all the judges picked something different ^^; Including me so I'm afraid I can't pick a place sorry ^^;

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TARETE Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Everyone did a good job though. c:
Ifugawa14 Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2013  Student Artist
Daww man! h-well congrats for the winners. Next time I'll put some shadings. :)
Syico Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2013  Student Digital Artist
You did a wonderful job~ <3
iPPG Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2013
Congratulations winner!
also everyone did quite well actually, and that's a lot coming from me.
Syico Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Yes, And I was very surprised by the amount of people who entered ^^
Eleanorose123 Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2013  Student Filmographer
Squee! I'm so happy to hear I placed <3 I shall go and note iPPG now; thanks for a fun contest, and congrats to everyone! <3
Syico Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Congrats~~ c:
ITBluebeadTI Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2013  Student General Artist
I-I don't know what to say!
Thanks so much for the kind words! :blush: And congrats to the other winners!!

Yoshhh, it seems like I'll be noting you soon :iconheplz:
Syico Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Can't wait~~ <3 ^^
smithandcompanytoons Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2013   Digital Artist
Congrats to the winners.
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