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November 8, 2012
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Fire Demon Contest entry by Syico Fire Demon Contest entry by Syico
Alright finally one more contest out of the way.
Alright lets me talk about this girl fire demon person here

Name: Crane

Age: 19

Sexuality: She could honestly care less who she's with (so gender is no issue)

Height and weight: Well She is 19 but she is very petite (small) so lets say shes about 110 pounds and I guess a good height would be 5'3?

Bio: (aka me ranting about her) Alright well she hates it when others shave there head, She really likes it when people have solid blue hair to get this out of the way. She a very quiet and weird girl, even for the people she's around. She's a very quiet girl and doesn't like to be bothered when she's alone. She is one of those types of girls who is really small but ALWAYS super hungry E_E (like me lol) So she's often out hunting and loses lots of sleep because of it, though if she see's something and she's not hungry she'll just stare at it and scare it for fun (like the weird goop person in the pic)
Now (like a normal person) she likes to smile when shes happy, but she's only happy when she hunts or is around a friend (witch she probably has VERY VERY few) She likes to mess with the things she hunts (like a sick twisted person(no idea why I want her to be like this lol)) So she'll either stand behind them or pop up out of no where with a big fangy grin on her face and then chase them for a bit. Also she's most often never angry but when she is, BOOOOOM.

Lives: with the other fire demons (naturally, though she's cornered off)
Fun fact: When she floats, She looks like she's standing she'll be straight and just lift up and that's how she often is, she hates floating any other way

Likes: Reading, Listening, Shirtless demon dudes(she's still a teen what do what?), and hunting
Hates: Eggs, shoes, being told what to do (despite she puts up with it a lot)

Alright did I miss anything? Hopfully not. >3> and hopfully this isn't has Sue has I think it is lol
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When I first saw this, I thought it looked really cool from a glance. The hair is a really pretty color, and the white dress and darkish skin tone, as well as the yellow eyes make it pop out a bit more. But as I looked at it more in-depth, I realized some problems that could be avoided.
For instance, I think you're in a point in drawing/coloring where you could be incorporating ruffles in clothes. It makes it seem better/more realistic, but it can be frustrating when trying to do them/learn them =3=
Next, I noticed how good most of the picture looked, but then the shoes. I think it's time to also learn how to draw well.. better shoes? Not just those cartoon-y lumps, that are supposed to be shoes. Add some more details, like socks, laces, and so on.
Another thing is, although I think in this picture it looks nice, from now on I would try drawing eyebrows more often, and not using this style of eyes again, unless you shade them or something of the sort.
Also, when you shade, from now on maybe it would be a better idea not to just shade with a darker color, and spread out, you know? Use the marker tool, and try not using the blur tool anymore. If you have to blur, use the water color tool(s), because it gives it a better transition in color. Or, better yet, just shading with the pen tool and leaving as is, and only shading a few parts here and there, because that looks better than shading the whole thing.
I think the rest of the drawing is really good, but maybe you should start doing actual backgrounds; which I know most people hate, but sometimes you just have to expand the comfort zone, you know?
Okay my darling I love you and I hope this helped<3
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haii there :>

well i read mais's critique and had almost pretty much everything but one so lemme give you a tip

you should start practicing anatomy more, especially arms and legs and



see, i know cartoony style is less realistic but it makes you seem more professional when not all the poses are of their hands behind their back. it's cute, but people only do it because they aren't too good with hands. if you want to just start practicing with paper and pencil on arms and legs, it help tremendously :>
don't forget to observe people and how body parts look when they walk, sit or so on. DON'T FORGET ZE HANDS THO OK

it's taken me forever but i think im finally decent with them.
i hope this helps you <33

PS don't be afraid to look at tutorials cos they help me a ton c:
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greendog345 Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Can i put her in my comic
Syico Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Totally, Just link me the pages that she ends up in and credit me the oc for every page she's in lol (also I think it would be nice if you would credit the creator of the fire demon species :iconask-demonoracle: but that parts up to you)
greendog345 Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2012  Student Digital Artist
of course i would give you credit here ill send you my version of how she looks and tell me if you like it
Syico Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Alright ^^
greendog345 Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2012  Student Digital Artist
check the picture out just posted it
Syico Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2012  Student Digital Artist
I like it! <3 remember she's short though c; compared to bubblegum probably a few inches under
Maiskittlez Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Her hair is such a prettay blue *u*
but y u no do anything with her eyes Q n Q
Syico Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2012  Student Digital Artist
cuz they supposed to be like that silly billy
Allegra-chan Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That's so cute :D
Syico Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2012  Student Digital Artist
thanks ^^
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